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Fear No Evil by rkm424
Fear No Evil

Based on the proverbial "Three wise monkeys" and inspired by the Scarecrow in "Batman: Arkham Knight".

I'm going to work on an updated version and tweak a few features but here's my current version. The original painting had a very 'clean' look so I filtered the image through different effects to give it a grungier feel, more suitable for Batman.

"You are the product of everything you fear... All that remains is for you to watch, as I drag your beloved Gotham into oblivion."
Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator by rkm424
Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator
I was pretty upset when I showed up to the "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" party pretty late and found out that there was an avatar creator on the former website that you could play but the whole thing was taken down after the film's 'flop' and obviously because it had been a few years since the film's release and movie websites don't tend to stay up afterwards for that long.

Thankfully, someone on the internet was very kind (and smart, don't forget smart) to have somehow 'saved' the whole Flash game on another, functioning website, allowing me to ultimately indulge myself in the world of Scott Pilgrim and embrace my inner geek.
Thank you once again random stranger for helping me fulfill my dream:…

Unfortunately, you can't create a wallpaper out of your avatar so if you want to 'save' your image, you have to view the gallery, find your recent creation and take a screenshot of the avatar there. Happy Pilgrimaming!
Character doodle by rkm424
Character doodle
Just a little doodle. The one on the right is a refined version of the one on the left with a few changes. The girl on the left has too thick of a neck but I prefer her overall expression and features so a mix between the two doodles would give a happy medium. 
So, I have a huge love for "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" after watching the film for the first time in summer 2013 and was really excited to get the Blu-Ray for Christmas the same year (it was all I wanted, screw iPhones or PS4s). This video, featuring the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers as she poses in several costumes in a stunning screen test (seriously, MEW just looks breathtaking as Ramona in this video), introduced me to this lovely piece of music composed for the film by Nigel Godrich:

I think (I should know, it is one of my favourite films after all) the music can be heard whilst Scott and Ramona are walking together in the snow before the encounter with Lucas Lee and the whole atmosphere created by this piece of music ("Love Me Some Walking") is so tranquil and sedative (little nod to what Scott says to Ramona at this point in the film, yeah? wink wink). 
Because "Scott Pilgrim" is set in Canada, and there is snow in the film, hearing the music will always remind me of a very calm, white and magical winter and I was really disappointed when it hardly snowed this winter as I had plans on simply walking through the snow, with my earphones in and shuffling along to "Love Me Some Walking" whilst enjoying the scenery and pretending I'm Scott Pilgrlim or imaginatively indulging in his world. The lack of snow may have firstly been due to the fact that I live in England where, if it snows, it's at odd times and the snow either stays a while or just doesn't stay at all, and secondly due to the fact that I was living at university most of the time during winter, living just a little more down south from home where it's a little warmer than living in the north.
I just really hope that this winter I can live my silly little dream of pretending I'm living in the world of Scott Pilgrim (or Toronto, Canada I guess...). Damn you, Global Warming! 
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  • Playing: Zelda, umm, Tetris.. that's kind of a big question
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